René Laanen

René Laanen (age 69)

Ineke and René LaanenAmerican Gothic

.....with my wife Ineke (2008)   "American Gothic" is a 1930 painting by Grant Wood in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Butler Trombone

I hope to play this fantastic Dave Butler "Carbon Fiber' bass trombone very soon.
(carbon fiber is STRONGER than titanium steel)

Bill Watrous / Rene LaanenRené Laanen

Butler Basstrombone (click for large picture)   .Butler Basstrombone (click for large picture)

Rene Laanen

Bill Watrous / Rene Laanen

With Bill Watrous (2015)   .................................René Laanen (2014)

Music All In
Dick Nash,"TV Show,
Hilversum, the Netherlands, 1973
with Toots Thielemans
Toots Thielemans
The Hague, Netherlands, 1998
with Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey
Germany 1988
with Bill Watrous
Bill Watrous
Belgium 2015
Bassey Big Band in Koln (click for a large photo)
Dame Shirley Bassey
Cologne, Germany, 1988
with Howard Keel
Howard Keel
South Africa Tour, SunCity, 1985
Bassey Big Band in Frankfurt (click for a large photo)
Shirley Bassey
Frankfurt, Germany, 1988
Toots with Ineke
Toots Thielemans
with my wife Ineke, 1998
with Benny Bailey
Benny Bailey
The Hague, Netherlands, 1998
with Michel Bequet
Michel Becquet
ITF, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2000

with John Kenny
John Kenny
ITF, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2000

with Nils Wogram & Bill Reichenbach
Wogram / Reichenbach
ITF, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2000
with Rob Madna
Rob Madna
The Hague, Netherlands, 2002
with Tony Lada
Tony Lada
Vermont, USA, 2002.
with Luis Bonilla
Luis Bonilla
The Hague Netherlands, 2007
with Julian Priester
Julian Priester
The Hague, 2002
with David Taylor
David Taylor
The Hague, Netherlands, 2002

with Denis Leloup
Denis Leloup
Brussels, Belgium, 2003
with Conrad Herwig
Conrad Herwig
The Hague, Netherlands, 2002

with Maria Schneider & Rob Pronk
Maria Schneider / Rob Pronk
The Hague, Netherlands, 2003

with Cliff Stark
Cliff Stark
Las Vegas, USA, 2002
with Madeline Bell
Madeline Bell
Den Bosch, Netherlands, 2003

with Jan Oosthof
Jan Oosthof
The Netherlands, 2003
with Bert Boeren
Bert Boeren
Den Bosch, Netherlands, 2003
with Jan Menu
Jan Menu
Amersfoort, Netherlands, 2006

with Bjorn Samuelsson
Björn Samuelsson
A'dam, Netherlands, 2004
with Phillip Ranelin
Phillip Ranelin
North Sea Jazz The Hague, 2004
with Steen Hansen
Steen Hansen
North Sea Jazz, The Hague, 2004

with Rick Trolsen
Craig Klein, Rick Trolsen
Maastricht, 2004

with Conrad Herwig
Conrad Herwig
Liege, Belgium, 2003
with Craig Klein
Craig Klein
Maastricht, 2004
with his wife Ineke
René with his wife Ineke
Rotterdam 1995
with Bob Brookmeyer
Bob Brookmeyer
Den Bosch, Netherlands, 2004
with Bob Mintzer
Bob Mintzer
Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 2005

Quincy with my Bach Bass Trombone
My Dog Quincy
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2004
with Edwin Rutten
Edwin Rutten
Wassenaar< Netherlands, 2017
with Denis Leloup
Denis Leloup
Brussels, 2006
with Ron Brandsteder
Ron Brandsteder
De Doelen, Rotterdam, 2017
with Roger Ingram
Roger Ingram
Madrid, Spain, August, 2008
with Andy Hunter
Andy Hunter
Bird Rotterdam, 2017
with Slide Hampton
Slide Hampton
The Hague, Netherlands, 2007
Erik van Lier
Erik Van Lier
Utrecht, Netherlands, 2015
with Fred Wesley
Fred Wesley
Madrid, Spain 2008
Paul Anka Brussels, click for a large picture!
Paul Anka
August, 2008
[click picture]

with Paul Anka
Paul Anka

Sopot, Poland, August, 2008

Rene Laanen with Phil Teele -Click Picture for a LARGE Photo
Phil Teele
Leiden, Netherlands, September, 2008
Victor Kaihatu, René Laanen, Ruud Pronk & Rob Pronk, The Hague, Netherlands, May, 2007
Click Picture for a LARGE Photo
-Click Picture for a LARGE Photo
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra: Louis Bonilla (me),
John Mosca, Jason Jackson, Douglas Purviance
North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, 2007
The brass section fom Dame Shirley Bassey. Cologne, Germany 1988. In the trombone section: Me, Gerald Meier, Freddy Delagaye & Ludwig Götz.

Trombone Quintet Large Photo

The start in 1973: Dick vd Plas, Arthur Moore, Erik van Lier, Bart van Lier and René (right)

Rene Laanen

Teaching at the Bass trombone workshop Bavaria, Germany 2007 - René Laanen (front left)

Laura Fygi

Laura Fygi, Netherlands 2011

My last performance at The Philharmony in Rotterdam, June 2017

Paul Anka Band

Paul Anka Europe Summer Tour 2008 | 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Paul Anka Band Rimpelrock 2008

Rimpelrock Festival Belgium, Paul Anka Band, 2008 [55.000 visitors]

Rene Laanen

Paul Anka Brass Section at the rehearsal in Girona, Spain (2008)

Rene Laanen, Ack van Rooyen, Bert Joris

René, Ack van Rooijen, Gary Kavanagh, Bert Joris & Erik vd Heijden, The Hague, Netherlands (May 2015)

Marcel Serierse, Conrad Herwig, Rene Laanen

(l.r.) Marcel Serierse, Conrad Herwig, René Laanen - Rotterdam, Netherlands (January 2017)

Rene Laanen

Performance at The Philharmony, Rotterdam, Netherlands (June, 2017)

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